New CBS Poll Shows 7 in 10 Americans Approve of the Trump Economy

According to the results of a new CBS poll, around seven out of ten American voters are happy with President Trump’s handling of the US economy, and are crediting his approach for the country’s economic growth.

The poll indicates that around half the country approves of his approach to US economics, which has boosted his presidential approval rating, with around 41% directly crediting his polities for the booming economy.

With Trump’s approval ratings regarding his economic policies boosting his overall appeal with voters, the president and his team will certainly look to campaign on the positive numbers in the upcoming election.

From CBS News:

Most Americans remain confident about the U.S. economy and in their own financial situation, and more now give President Trump’s policies credit for a strong economy than did so last year.

Seven in 10 Americans say the economy is in good shape, including a quarter who say it is very good. Nearly all Republicans and most Democrats and independents share this view.

Americans increasingly give the president credit for the economy. Forty-one percent of those who say the economy is good say Mr. Trump’s policies are mostly responsible, up from 32% at the beginning of 2018. Republicans give the president relatively more credit for the economy than Democrats do.

Forty-one percent of Americans approve of how Mr. Trump is handling his job as president. That is closer to where his rating was last summer than it was in this poll more recently, in January. Approval ratings have remained within a fairly narrow range throughout his presidency so far.

Across particular measures, the economy is the president’s strongest: 50% of Americans approve of how he’s handling the economy. In contrast, more Americans disapprove of his handling of immigration, foreign policy, and trade with other countries.

Looking ahead, Americans are more positive about the market than they were a few months ago, despite recent fluctuations. Fifty-six percent now say they are optimistic about the stock market over the next twelve months, up from 49% in January.

There is partisan division about where the economy goes from here. Thirty-seven percent of Americans think the economy is getting better, including 71% of Republicans, but just 11% of Democrats agree.

Looking at their own pocketbooks, most Americans are very or somewhat confident in their own financial situation, but their confidence is related to income. Those earning more express a lot more confidence than those earning less.