New CBS Poll Has Trump Beating Bloomberg Nationally But Losing to Sanders

A new CBS News/YouGov poll has President Trump ahead of Bloomberg and Klobuchar nationally, while losing to Biden and Sanders and tied with Buttigieg.

Sanders 47 Trump 44 (Sanders +3)
Biden 47 Trump 45 (Biden+2)
Bloomberg 42 Trump 45 (Trump+3)
Buttigieg 44 Trump 44 (Tie)
Klobuchar 44 Trump 45 (Trump +1)

It’s important to note national polling will matter far less than what actually happens in swing states.

President Trump could lose the national popular vote and still win in November, as he did in 2016.

The same poll has Bernie Sanders with a dominant lead in the Democrat nominee race.

Bernie Sanders 29%
Elizabeth Warren 19%
Joe Biden 17%
Mike Bloomberg 13%
Pete Buttigieg 10%
Amy Klobuchar 5%
Tom Steyer 2%

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