New Batman Comic Features the Joker Helping an Evil Trump and Greta Thunberg in Heroic Role

In the newly released teaser for Batman: The Golden Child by Frank Miller and Rafael Grampá, DC comics features the joker and Darkseid helping an evil governor that looks identical to President Trump. It’s not even remotely subtle.

Greta Thunberg also makes a guest appearance in a heroic role.

In one panel the joker wears a patriotic stars and stripes jacket and touts an increase in voter registration.

“Registration is UP! UP! UP! They’re breathing hard out there! They’re sweating! They’re panting! Friends, This is no Election! This is an orgy!”

Huffpost reports as the 2020 presidential election heats up in the universe of comics, a not-so-savory character has joined Donald Trump’s campaign: the Joker.

DC Comics’ brand new “Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child” has both the Joker and supervillain Darkseid working to elect a man referred to as the Governor, who has the face of President Trump.

Trump isn’t named in the comic, but his image appears on a number of pages — and the comic character’s speaking style mimics the president’s (“You’re gonna love it! I’m talking streets so safe you can let your kids go play and not even think about ’em!”). The Joker’s American flag jacket also sports the same infamous message that appeared on Melania’s coat last year: “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg makes a cameo appearance among a group of protesters.

The comic, created by Frank Miller and drawn by Rafael Grampá, presents a new generation of characters — the children of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batwoman — as they battle to thwart the dark duo’s scheme backing Trump, who turns out to be a puppet of the Joker.

In the tale, Darkseid has recruited the Joker as an “agent of chaos” to promote Trump’s election with the goal of destroying humanity’s faith in itself so people can be more easily conquered by the forces of evil.