Nevada DNC Utilizing Teens Too Young to Vote Themselves as Caucus Volunteers

According to a new report from NBC, the DNC is utilizing high school students too young to vote themselves as Nevada caucus volunteers as they are facing a shortage.

From NBC:

Voters were turning out for the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, but there was a lack of volunteers to meet them at some polling locations.

At Rancho High School, a caucus location with 11 precincts just outside of Las Vegas, almost all of the volunteers were high school students, many of whom are unable to vote themselves because of their age. The only adult that NBC News spotted working at the site was the caucus lead — the school’s social studies teacher. The students were only trained Friday night, and officials were actively looking for more adult volunteers to help coach the teens through the process.

At another precinct near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a state Democratic official told campaign representatives that there weren’t enough volunteers statewide, and that the campaigns might have to staff voting locations themselves.

Per TCO, Caucus precincts in Nevada are facing a shortage of volunteers, forcing the DNC to reach out to campaigns for help.

Representatives of campaigns are being asked to step in as replacement precinct chairs.

Per Laura Barron-Lopez of Politico:

New: POLITICO has heard from multiple Democrats, campaigns on the ground that there is a shortage of volunteers at caucus sites Story is developing…

NSDP party officials are telling campaign representatives that there’s a deficit of volunteers across the state, and so they are asking representatives of campaigns to act as precinct chairs, per multiple sources on ground

Per Dem source: “I’m at Spring Valley High School and a lot of the Nevada Dem Party volunteers did not show up. They are worried about the precinct chairs showing up as well.”

Per source: Desert Oasis High School just announced that they don’t have the registrations or the early ballots yet. They are on the way.


Twitter is already buzzing over another potential fiasco.

Some Trump supporters are mocking Democrats for the organizational failure.

Why is nobody willing to volunteer for Democrats?

…because they are either at a Trump rally or reading Trump’s tweets….

Perhaps they shouldn’t have pushed NDAs on their volunteers.

Can we officially end the idea of caucuses and every state has primaries?

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