NBC’s Peter Alexander asks Trump “Do you need to apologize to military service members?”

Friday, NBC’s Peter Alexander asked President Trump “Sir, do you need to apologize to military service members and veterans?”

Alexander was referencing the article in the Atlantic that claimed Trump disparaged dead service members, a charge Trump denies.

President Trump replied “No, it’s a fake story written by a magazine that is probably not going to be around much longer, but it was a totally fake story and that was confirmed by many people who were actually there. It was a terrible thing that somebody could say the kind of things and, especially to me, because I’ve done more for the military than almost anybody else.”

He continued “You look at how the VA is doing. It’s doing incredibly well. We got all sorts of things done, from accountability to veterans’ choice and it’s got right now the highest approval rating that it’s ever had, 91 percent approval rating. It’s never been anywhere close to that.”

“Nobody’s done what I’ve done, and that includes salary increases, but it really includes a rebuilding of our military, because as you know, when I came here, our military was totally depleted and we spent almost 2.5 trillion dollars” Trump added.

President Trump and Peter Alexander got into a well publicized contentious exchange in March that ended with Trump calling Alexander a terrible reporter.