NBC Journalist Ripped After Tweeting Trump’s Appearance at Daytona 500 “Paid By Taxpayers”

Trump supporters were not happy with the snide tone with NBC White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell’s coverage of the Daytona 500 on Twitter.

O’Donnell is apparently not a fan of the President as her “pinned tweet” is Trump giving her “the hand.”

Covering the Daytona 500 event, O’Donnell felt it was necessary to point out that the event was “paid by taxpayers.”

This was an official White House event therefore paid by taxpayers as @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS attended Daytona 500 today and “The Beast” limo ran a pace car lap around the track.

Trump supporters piled on. Here are just some of the many responses.

Oh Lisa, why so quick to assume motives and throw stones?? This is a factual description about the event today and I was on duty to report on the president’s activities. Simple as that.

40 million spent on the BS Russia hoax.


Liberal tears.

2.5 miles in the limo has you upset? Celebrating an American institution like the Daytona 500? What’s life like in your castle tower?

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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