NBA Player Who Stood for Anthem Mocked on Twitter After Tearing ACL

Twitter users who did not like the fact Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac stood for the national anthem are mocking him on Twitter after he tore his ACL, ending his season.

Here are some of the many comments.

“Refused to kneel so 2020 had to take the knee away”

“Cheap publicity brought him Karma!!! He forgot what Christ said – ” Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Kneeling is a symbolic gesture that encapsulates the moment we are and shows solidarity against police brutality, but he chose to water it down by his nonsensical stance.”

“That’s what he get for cooning and buffooning. Now he got mad time to read up on how radical and righteous Jesus was and look up Christian advocates. Mlk was Christian; he kill with what he said. He’ll be fine; heal up man. Educate yaself”

“the lord works in mysterious ways…”

“It’s like the old folks say, “God don’t like ugly.”

People getting karma fast af dude. Jonathan Isaac was the only NBA player that didn’t kneel in the opening NBA games. Now he fucked his knee up in their game against the Kings. God ain’t wasting no time I see.