Navarro “Pelosi basically lost me…when she has $1200 checks for illegal immigrants”

Appearing on “This Week” Sunday, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro said Pelosi lost him when she included checks for illegal immigrants in the most recent stimulus bill.

Per WIBC, Pelosi’s $3T plan expands direct payment eligibility to undocumented immigrants who pay taxes.

Peter Navarro:

So, Nancy Pelosi basically lost me with that package when she has $1,200 checks for illegal immigrants, and it just goes downhill from there.

What we have to do, George, is basically go with the fiscal and monetary stimulus that we have been going through. We have a lot of coursing through the system now. We may need more. I’ll let others above my pay grade negotiate that.

What I’m focused on George, and this is the real key to success is going to be the structural adjustments we are going to have to make.

For every service sector job, we might lose as we adjust to this China virus, we will have to replace that with manufacturing jobs, which do have a high multiplier in terms of creating service sector jobs again.

So what I’m focused on with President Trump is a buy America, deregulate, innovate agenda, which will start with bringing our pharma supplies chains homes, bringing our medical supplies chains home. Build it here. Both good economics, but also good national security.