Nate Silver Thinks Bloomberg Floating Hillary as VP May Be Designed to Distract

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight offered analysis on the blockbuster news from Drudge of Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate. 

One theory Silver has is that even if he’s not serious about a possible Bloomberg-Clinton ticket, he’s getting a ton of publicity today and it distracts from a Wapo piece on his history of sexist comments.

Silver tweeted:

I don’t think we know what happens when one candidate (Bloomberg) starts ~6-9 months later than everyone else and hasn’t survived the rigors of the process in the same way that everyone else has. There’s certainly the chance that grass may turn out not to be greener, after all.

In the past, candidates who started late (think Fred Thompson) have had a notoriously poor track record, although that’s usually attributed to a lack of preparation or an inability to build out a robust campaign. Those *don’t* seem to be problems in Bloomberg’s case.

But I’m surprised at how many Dem elites and elected officials have thrown their weight behind him when he hasn’t been battle-tested like other candidates.

Well, but any day that the media spends talking about Bloomberg instead of Buttigieg or Klobuchar, or even Biden’s somewhat resilient polling in Southern states, is probably good news for Bloomberg. He doesn’t want any of the other moderates to emerge with momentum…

…and also talking about BLOOMBERG WANTS HILLARY FOR VEEP is a way for him to change the subject when the Washington Post has a long story about Bloomberg’s alleged history of sexist comments.

This part of the Bloomberg strategy is quite Trumpian.

TCO reports can you imagine a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket taking on Trump?

Sources close to Bloomberg’s campaign have told the Drudge report that is exactly what the billionaire is considering.


DailyMail reports Mike Bloomberg is considering making Hillary Clinton his running mate, a source close to his campaign has told Drudge Report.

Polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force to take on Trump in the race for the White House, the source said.

Former New York City Mayor and Democratic candidate Bloomberg is said to be considering even changing his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida – where he also has homes – because the electoral college makes it difficult for US president and vice-president to reside in the same state.

Under the Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution, which provides the procedure for electing the president and vice-president, it states that the two people could not both inhabit the same state as the elector.

This comes as two new Democratic primary polls show Bloomberg in the lead in Florida, while Sen. Bernie Sanders tops the field in Texas.

Both Bloomberg and Sanders have teeny tiny leads over former Vice President Joe Biden, who took a beating in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Florida poll shows Bloomberg with just a one-point lead over Biden, with the ex-mayor receiving 27 per cent support from Florida Democrats compared to Biden’s 26 per cent support.

Bloomberg’s edge comes from having about a 10-point lead over Biden among white survey respondents. The former mayor gets the support of 28 per cent of white Floridians,  versus the 18.5 per cent who selected Biden as their first choice for Democratic nominee.

Former first lady Clinton previously said she faced calls to run for president in 2020 after she lost out to Trump in the 2016 election, but she has repeatedly said she won’t join the race.

However, she stopped short of denying she was considering running for vice-president alongside one of the Democratic candidates earlier this month.

‘I never say never because I do believe in serving my country, but it’s not going to happen,’ she told Ellen DeGeneres.

In January, Donald Trump made the strange claim that Clinton had promised Bloomberg the job of secretary of state should she be elected president in 2016, to keep him from running four years ago.

‘He had a deal with Hillary Clinton that he was going to become secretary of State. It was very simple. People knew that,’ Trump said during an interview on CNBC filmed on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The president then suggested Bloomberg would have been double-crossed.

‘Wasn’t going to happen. It was giong to go to Terry McAuliffe,’ Trump said, name-dropping the former governor of Virginia who’s been a close Clinton friend.

‘I mean, so they were playing with Michael,’ Trump alleged. ‘And – it’s too bad, but he’s spending a fortune.’