NAACP President accuses Trump of using White House to “subvert the aspirations of African Americans”

Appearing on ABC News, NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson called President Trump a “racist.”

Johnson told Amy Robach “This is a president that has done everything to show that he has actually been operating in office as a racist.”

He continued “He’s done it in words, when he’s called certain nations ‘s——- nations.’ He’s done it in policy, he’s done it in actions, and he’s demonstrated that he’s using the authority of the White House, the presidency, to subvert the aspirations of African Americans because of their race. That’s racism.”

“We can no longer talk about the problems that public policy has delivered to the African American community, we have to actually take action,” Johnson added.

Of course, not every African American feels the same.  A black Trump supporter interviewed by the Trump Campaign at a recent Nevada offered high praise for Trump.

Explaining his support, the man said “I support the president because he’s done more for the Black community — all Americans really — than any other president in my lifetime.”