“My sister is pathetic!” Laura Ingraham ripped by liberal brother on Twitter

Curtis Ingraham, the brother of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, is not a fan of his sister’s politics and has taken to Twitter to let everyone know it.

In response to Ingraham referring to Dr. Fauci as “Dr. Doom,” Curtis tweeted “My sister is pathetic! Criticizing Dr. Fauci?! What is your expertise exactly Laura beyond spinning lies and conspiracies? ”

“Apologies Dr. Fauci and huge thanks!!!” he added.

Curtis responded to another tweet of Laura’s where she wrote “I remember a lot of profiles of the Trump kids that read like this. Oh wait….”

Curtis responded “The only difference Laura is that these kids are not corrupt. Oh wait, you still support a criminal and corrupt ex-president. Got it! @IngrahamAngle”

Meanwhile, Curtis Ingraham appears to be a supporter of Keith Olbermann.

On his Twitter profile, Curtis Ingraham bills himself as “The Ingraham Antidote” and a “RE-SISTER” with “Sister” emphasized in red.

He writes in his bio “Former Wall Street banker turned educator. Seeker of justice, accountability and honesty. Sibling fact checker. I have hypocrisy in my sights.”