Asked if she thinks Trump will campaign against her, Murkowski says Trump has “threatened to do a lot to those who have stood up to him”

Asked by Radio host Jeff Landfield about Trump’s opposition to her re-election efforts, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said “I know that former President Trump is skeptical about me, and the job that I do for Alaska, but I really think that that’s for Alaskans to judge.”

Landfield then asked “Do you think he’s going to come up here?”

To which Murkowski replied “You know he’s threatened to. He’s threatened to do a lot to those who have stood up to him. And sometimes there’s some carry through, and sometimes maybe it’s just idle words or idle threats, but I can’t let that influence what I do and how I do it and who I do it for.”

“At the end of the day, I’m not doing this job because I want or need the title, I do it because Alaskans have given me their support and have asked me to do the best job that I can and the best of my ability and to stand up with an independent voice. And sometimes, without regard to political consequence on the other end, but to be that voice for Alaska,” she added.

Meanwhile, in more bad news for Murkowski, Saturday, the Alaska Republican Party has endorsed the challenger to incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski’s GOP challenger, Kelly Tshibaka announced the endorsement and wrote “I am honored to be Endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party! In the Senate, I will always fight for our Conservative values.”

Tshibaka said in a statement she is “grateful and thrilled to have the strong support of the Alaska Republican Party.

“We all share a unified goal: to promote the principles upon which our country and state were founded,” she continued.

“I have pledged that I will be true to our shared, conservative Alaska ideals and be a senator upon whom they can depend to make every decision based on what is best for our great state,” she added.

Last month, Tshibaka announced “I am honored and grateful to have the support of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

“Please join our team today! We’ll do this together!” she added.