Murkowski says she will NOT vote to replace Ginsburg before the election, says “Fair is fair”

If Republicans are able to replace Justice Ginsburg in President Trump’s term, they will have to do it without the support of Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

“Fair is fair,” explained the Murkowski, likely a reference to Republicans not being willing to consider the nomination of Merrick Garland during the last year of Obama’s term.

Lisa Murkowski voted alongside Democrats against the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.

Prior to the announcement of Ginsburg’s death, Murkowski had already signaled she would not support replacing Ginsburg so close to the election.

Other Republican Senators that may share the same view of Murkowski include Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley, and Mitt Romney.

However, we are waiting for the others to make official statements.

Republicans have a majority of 53 Senators. If Democrats all vote against a Trump nominee, they need 3 more Republicans to join Murkowski to block.

A tie can be broken by Vice President Pence.

Murkowski also issued the following statement following Ginsburg’s death.