Multiple Publications Declare Biden a “Loser” of the Latest DNC Debate

Multiple publications picking “winners” and “losers” of the 5th DNC debate in Atlanta have declared Joe Biden as a loser.

These include:

  • CNN analysis by Editor at large Chris Cillizza
  • Business Insider and
  • Mediaite

Business Insider writes: 

Biden was the biggest loser of Wednesday night’s debate. The former vice president is known for putting his foot in his mouth, and he didn’t disappoint on Wednesday.

When explaining how he’d work to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, Biden chose unusual phrasing.

“We have to change the culture,” he said. “We have to keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.”

Biden was also the butt of one of the most successful one-liners of the night when Booker attacked him for opposing the legalization of marijuana.

And while defending his appeal among black voters, Biden misspoke and said he had the support of the “only” black woman ever elected to the Senate.

That provoked laughter and a clapback from Harris, the second black woman ever elected to the Senate.

“Nope, that’s not true. The other one is here,” Harris quipped.

From Mediaite


Joe Biden tanked it. It is tempting to take the front-runner’s performance as neither a win nor loss, and in polling that may bear out. But as a political performance his was past sub-prime. His first answer to a moderator’s question, to be blunt, was gibberish.

In addition to the normal instances of jumbling over words or getting off track, his answer on the topic of violence against women was practically disastrous. To put it simply, don’t say “keep punching at” domestic violence, going forward, sir.

From CNN’s Chris Cillizza


Joe Biden: The former vice president’s opening answer was shaaaaaky. And it was made all the worse given that the question was an absolute softball: How did he feel about being attacked by Trump? In the middle hour of the debate, Biden found his footing; his answer on why he wanted to be president and why he was singularly ready to do the job was his best answer of the entire debate season.

But then things turned. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker scored with a hit on Biden’s equivocation on the legalization of marijuana. (“I thought you might have been high when you said it,” Booker joked, to roars of laughter from the crowd.)

And Biden committed something he is known for: An unforced error. In talking about domestic violence, he said that people have to just keep “punching” at the problem. I know what he meant.

But boy, was that a poor choice of words. And then another: He said he had the support of the only black woman elected to the Senate. Except that he forgot that Harris was on the stage. “Proud to be the second Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate. #DemDebate,” tweeted Harris shortly after.

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