MTG says “never apologize to Islamic terrorist sympathizers” after Boebert controversy, apology

After Rep. Lauren Boebert apologized to Rep. Ilhan Omar for comments she made in a video, Rep. Greene argued she should not have.

Arthurs Schwartz tweeted “Reminder: @IlhanMN supports the use US taxpayer dollars to finance Palestinian “pay to slay” programs. Those programs compensate terrorists who kill Americans & Jews. Boebert was wrong: Omar doesn’t wear suicide vests —she just wants to use your money to pay those that do.””

Rep. Greene tweeted:

Democrats want us censored, shut down, and imprisoned.

Never apologize to Islamic terrorist sympathizers, communists, or those who fund murder with our tax dollars.

@IlhanMN and the Jihad Squad are all three and are undeserving of an apology.