MTG fires back after Cori Bush takes issue with bipartisan group of Senators being all white

Wednesday, progressive Democrat Cori Bush took issue with the bipartisan group of Senators working on infrastructure being all white.

Bush asked “Is this the Bipartisan Infrastructure Group or the audience at a Kid Rock concert?”

She then added the hashtag “#NegotiationsSoWhite”

AOC also took issue, tweeting ‘A lot of times, “bipartisan agreements” are just as defined by who people in power agree to exclude than include.’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back by sharing a photo of Cori Bush with Bernie Sanders and writing:

So it’s “bad white people” when they mostly focus on bridges, roads, and broadband for infrastructure, but it’s “good white people” when they are communists that you really agree with?

Your racism doesn’t work when your a hypocrite @CoriBush.

Why don’t you talk about policy?