MSNBC Host Says Black RNC Speakers “Like A Modern Day Minstrel Show”

Guest hosting for Joy Reid, frequent MSNBC contributor Tiffany Cross insulted Black RNC Speakers that included Ben Carson, Herschel Walker, Kim Klacik, and Senator Tim Scott by saying the black speakers were like a “modern day minstrel show” to her.

Cross said “If you watched the Republican convention last week, you would almost think the Republican Party is the one welcoming people of color given the big display of diversity.

“The convention featured more than a dozen African-American speakers alone. But don’t be fooled that the party of Trump has suddenly warmed to the same people Trump’s policies and sometimes his rhetoric directly harm. As friend of the show Elie Mystal wrote in The Nation, ‘The Republicans invited a cadre of professional ‘Black friends’ to validate Donald Trump and make white people feel a little bit less racist while very much supporting white supremacy.’ I mean, I watched the Republican convention and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern day minstrel show to me.” She concluded.