MSNBC guest suggests the fly landing on Pence’s head “the mark of the devil” and “something karmic”

Appearing on MSNBC, Anti-Trump Republican Steve Schmidt suggested the viral fly landing on Mike Pence’s head was “the mark of the devil” and “something karmic.”

Schmidt said “It’s never a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes, that’s a sign all through history of sin, historically, biblically, you wouldn’t normally say this… it’s only safe to say this, Ari, after midnight.”

He added “But you know the fly, he who commands the fly has always been seen historically as the mark of the devil”

Host Ari Melber assumed Schmidt was joking and asked “Steve, now, as a journalist, now I have to ask for the record, are you joking? Because, uh, the fly could have landed on anyone.”

Steve replied “but it didn’t.”

He continued “It landed on Mike Pence, and it says something. Something karmic about the status of the campaign as it implodes. Look, you have a Fox News poll that has Biden up 10 points. Rasmussen’s got Biden up 12. You’re looking 12 to 14 points. The numbers are imploding, the campaign is cratering, it’s falling apart.”


This is the viral moment Schmidt was referring to: