MSNBC Claims Farting Sound During Swalwell Interview Was Mug, Few Believe Them

It was the “fart heard around the world.”

During Eric Swalwell’s appearance on “Hardball” a loud farting noise interrupted the interview.

Eric Swalwell:

Chris, so far the evidence is un-contradicted that the President used taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukranians to help cheat (LOUD FARTING SOUND) an election.


Now, MSNBC is claiming that the sound was a “mug scraping across the desk.”

Eric Swalwell claimed “TOTAL EXONERATION.”

However, most Twitter users were not convinced and nearly all the replied to MSNBC’s hardball Twitter account are those skeptical of the “official explanation.”

Shawn wrote “This is about as likely as Epstein killing himself”

Of all the sounds on Earth, it was the least like a mug on a desk

That’s just …

No it wasn’t, and we don’t want your mug.

The fakest of fake news

Unless the mug is made out of rubber i don’t see how that’s possible.

So after @ericswalwell denied responsibility for the fart on MSNBC, we asked our audio expert to review the tape, he concluded that it’s definitely his and his alone, he even provided us with the audio waves.

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