MSNBC analyst says it’s possible Trump could still win Arizona, while Fox News has not yet retracted call

In a strange ironic twist, a segment of MSNBC openly showed how it’s possible President Trump could still win Arizona, designating the state as too early to call.

Meanwhile, Fox News has refused to retract their Tuesday evening call, despite fury coming from conservatives.


At the time this post is being published, Fox News still shows Arizona as Blue and a WIN for Biden.

Incredibly, even CNN has Arizona as UNDECIDED, while Fox News has it for Biden.

The Arizona Republican party is furious at Fox News over the call. AP also called Arizona for Biden.

Tuesday evening, before the race tightened in Arizona, Fox News decision desk director Arnon Mishkin doubled down on the decision to call Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden victorious in Arizona. “I’m sorry, the president is not going to be able to take over and win enough votes to eliminate that seven-point lead that the former vice president has,” Mishkin said.