MSNBC Analyst Claims “Karlan Wasn’t Attacking Barron Trump” Despite Outrage

Democrat witness Pamela Karlan sparked outrage earlier today when she chose to joke about 13 year old Barron Trump, prompting a swift rebuke from Melania Trump and conservatives.


MSNBC Analyst and former Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller praised Karlan’s performance, saying Karlan “is further confirming the idea that it’s going to be the women who save this country.”

Miller then defended Karlan’s remarks about Barron Trump, tweeting:

Oh give me a break, people. Karlan wasn’t attacking Barron Trump, or making a joke at his expense, or dragging him into politics. The mere mention of his name as a play on words to make a legitimate point is none of those things. You don’t have to fall for every bad faith attack.

Doug Hope responded:

It struck me as one of those lines that sounds good when you say it to yourself, but then falls flat. Leaving the kids out of it should always be the default in any event.

Matthew Miller continued to refuse to acknowledge anything wrong with Pamela Karlan’s attack.

I don’t think that’s bringing the kids into it. She didn’t talk about him, or anything he’d done, or anything at all really. Just his name in a point about his father. And you and I both know no one at the WH is actually offended or hurt by it.

Miller did find support from a Twitter user who also argued Eric Trump “doesn’t have a reason for being.”

All of Trump’s kids are named straight out of ego and show.
Don Jr after Donald.
Ivanka literally means “little Ivana.”
Tiffany after the jewelry store.
Barron after the stock market.
And Eric?
Whoops. Eric doesn’t have a reason for being.

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