Movie Poster Features First Lady Carrying President Trump’s Severed Head

Many in Hollywood are still upset at the 2016 election results, and are once again lashing out with violence against President Trump.

This time, with a movie that is up for sale at the Cannes Film Festival, featuring a Melania “lookalike” who is carrying around the severed head of President Trump.

Breitbart reported that a movie up for sale at the Cannes Film Festival’s Market features a poster that shows Melania Trump carrying Donald Trump’s served head.

It’s a real movie titled When Women Rule the World and it stars a Melania Trump lookalike who plays a character in the movie named Maria Putin (har har).

The poster’s tagline reads, “Meet the first lady of the future with her heads of state!”

In one hand, Maria Putin carries what looks like a zombie head; in the other, she cradles President Trump’s head complete with his Make America Great Again hat.

Naturally, the leftist Hollywood Reporter (THR) is thrilled over this and selling its Obama-loving soul to convince us an obvious piece of low-rent garbage is actually serious and important satire.

Watch the preview trailer