More Disturbing Videos Surface of Biden Inappropriately Touching Children

A credible bombshell allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden by Democrat Lucy Flores has both Democrats and Republicans taking a closer look at the man given the nickname “Creepy Joe Biden.”

“It’s so easy to Google ‘Creepy Biden’ and you get all these compilations of pictures and video evidence of young women and women looking very, very uncomfortable,” Lucy Flores, a former Nevada assemblywoman and 2014 candidate for lieutenant governor, told POLITICO.

“When I started to see pictures of him behaving in the same way he did with me and with other women, it was very triggering,” she said. “I felt so much empathy for them. I knew what they were going through. I had been in their shoes.”


Now, on social media are bringing up the fact that they are NOT surprised about the allegation at all, given Biden’s long documented notorious history of “creepy” behavior.

One such video by “We are Change Orlando” shows Biden acting highly inappropriately in how he touches other people’s children.

Watch and judge for yourself.


In another video, Jeff Sessions sways away Joe Biden’s hand in an attempt to keep him away from his granddaughter.


A new petition is demanding that Biden step down.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

TCO shares a parent company with the petition site. 

You can see the full, unedited video here: