POLL: More Americans predict Trump will win Presidential debates than Biden

According to a new USA Today/ Suffolk University Poll, more Americans believe President Trump will win the presidential debates than those who believe Joe Biden will win.

The poll found 47% predicted Trump will win the debates compared to 41% who said Biden will, a margin of 6%.

The same poll found Biden leading Trump 50-43% nationally.

Trump’s lead in expectation to win the debates comes from both independent voters and Republicans having more confidence in him than Democrats have in Biden in the debates.

Notably, Independent voters picked Trump over Biden to win debates by a margin of 47% to 37%.

79% of Democrats predicted Biden would win the debates and a stronger 87% of Republicans predicted Trump would win.

Ironically, one of Biden’s most difficult moments during the DNC debates came last June while being criticized for his record on race by his current running mate, Kamala Harris.