Moore suggests denying vaccines to Texans because of Abbott’s lifting of the mask mandate

In a series of provocative tweets, filmmaker Michael Moore suggested denying vaccine’s to Texans because Governor Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate.

In his first tweet, he appears to suggest the vaccine be denied to Texans in general.

His second tweet he suggests the “poor and people of color in Texas” must be vaccinated, suggesting the non-poor and whites still be denied the vaccine.

Moore writes:

Texas – we hear you. You didn’t want to be part of our electrical grid. And now you’ve removed your mask mandate & are allowing large crowds to gather. We hear you! COVID is a hoax! So u don’t need our precious vaccine. We’ll send it to ppl who are saving lives by wearing masks.

2. Yes, we must and will find a way to vaccinate the poor and people of color in Texas. To Texans who say, hey, it’s not me – it’s the Governor! Well, then, impeach and remove him. We’re tired of this. Don’t mess with Texas? Happy to oblige.

3. Btw – Houston is the first city in the country to record the presence of ALL the new variants of the coronavirus. The rest of us must find a way to protect ourselves from the policies and politicians of Texas.

4. Texas is no longer majority white. The 57% majority is Latinx and Black and Asian and Native American. So let’s do everything we can to help that majority remove the bigots and ignoramuses from office. It’s killing them, and it’s killing us.