Monmouth University Poll Has Biden With Small Lead Over Trump Nationally

A Monmouth University poll has Joe Biden holding a 4 point lead nationally over President Trump.

This comes around the same time a Fox News poll found the race tied.

Meanwhile, a CNN poll found Biden with a massive 11 point lead. 

Monmouth University reports Joe Biden holds a 4 point lead over Donald Trump in the race for president, which is similar to his 3 point lead in last month’s national Monmouth (“Mon-muth”University Poll.

Public opinion is mixed on whether Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak will help or hurt him in November, but the president’s favorability rating has taken a dip while Biden’s has remained stable. The poll, which was conducted before Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign, also finds most voters agreeing that it is time for him to get out of the race.

If the presidential election was today, Biden has the support of 48% of registered voters and Trump has the support of 44%. Another 5% say they would vote for an independent candidate and 3% are undecided. At the end of last month, the race stood at 48% for Biden and 45% for Trump.

“The static nature of these results suggests the president’s response to the pandemic is certainly not helping his reelection prospects,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

About 1 in 4 voters (27%) say Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak has made it more likely he will win reelection in November, but slightly more (31%) say his response has made it less likely. Another 36% say the president’s handling of the outbreak has made no difference to the likelihood he gets reelected.

Trump registers a negative 42% favorable to 50% unfavorable opinion. This is worse than his 46% to 49% rating last month and more in line with his 44% to 53% rating in February. Biden currently has a split 41% favorable to 42% unfavorable rating among voters. This result is very similar to his 43% to 43% rating last month and remains better than his 40% to 53% rating in February.