Monica Crowley rips Fauci for criticizing SD Motorcycle rally but not Obama’s birthday bash

Sunday Dr. Fauci chastised those attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally “You’re going to get to do that in the future, but let’s get this pandemic under control before we start acting like nothing is going on,” Fauci said.

Monica Crowley tweeted “We must have missed Fauci chastising the wide open southern border, the BLM protests, Lollapalooza, the Obama birthday bash, etc… Oh right”

Sunday morning, conservative firebrand Candace Owens tweeted “BREAKING: I now personally know that (at least) two of the attendees at Barack Obama’s birthday were not vaccinated. ”

“I can confirm that vaccination was therefore NOT a requirement to attend his maskless bash. This is insane,” she added.

Obama is taking heat for his “birthday bash” as reports have indicated even his “scaled down” version was not exactly all that small and video shows many participants did not wear masks.