Mollie Tibbetts’ illegal immigrant murderer sentenced to life in prison

Cristhian Bahena Rivera the 27 year old illegal immigrant convicted of murdering Mollie Tibbetts in 2018 has been sentenced to life in prison.

District Court Judge Joel Yates handed down the sentence and said “Mr. Bahena Rivera, you and you alone forever changed the lives of those who loved Mollie Tibbetts”

A statement from Laura Calderwood, Mollie’s mother was read prior to the sentencing.

“I come here to give a voice to our daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, niece, cousin and friend, Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts,” the statement from Calderwood begins “Mollie was a young woman who simply wanted to go for a quiet run on the evening of July 18 (2018) and you chose to violently and sadistically end that life.”

“Because of your act, Mollie’s father, Rob, will never get to walk his only daughter down the aisle. Because of your act, Mr. Rivera, I will never get to see my daughter become a mother,” she continued.