MN Voter Calls Dem Impeachment Attempt “Laughable” Says “They Can’t Be Trusted”

Saturday the “Trump War Room” twitter account tweeted a segment from Fox News where a Minnesota voter is interviewed.

The Minnesota voter calls the Democrats’ impeachment attempt “laughable.

He then says “The Democrats ran on working with the President. That’s how they won so many of these red districts. And then they completely do the opposite when they finally get to Washington.

They can’t be trusted.”

Twitter users who support the President added their two cents.

JessieStone wrote: This is an example of what I call the law of opposites. Obama was a mastered this form of disinformation. The law of opposites is simple, Dems will use rhetoric pleasing to the ear and then do the opposite! Obama’s favorite line was you can keep your doctor. Truth is optional!

Fredrick McCall wrote “Bait & Switch, one of their old hat Tactics”

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