MMA Fighter Who Subdued Anti-Trump Protester Targeted By Antifa

After she took down an Anti-Trump protester she said was becoming violent, MMA fighter Tara LaRosa says she has been a target for Antifa.

Per FoxNews, a Twitter account called Long Beach Antifa tweeted that Tara LaRosa was using Cash App and Square cash for charity for what they deemed her “white nationalist cause.” The group called on Square and Cash App to take action against LaRosa for using their apps.

LaRosa took a screenshot of the tweets and responded.

“So, let me get this straight… I break up a fight, saving one of their people from taking serious damage… And Antifa tries to deplatform me from yet another site? Awesome,” she tweeted.

La Rosa then said “they got my PayPal and Venmo taken down.”

Tara LaRosa has a GoFundMe account, where she writes:

Hi! I’m Tara LaRosa! I’m a professional MMA fighter, and former #1 in the world. I am a Trump supporter living in Portland, Oregon. I’d describe Portland as a violently leftist city. It seems that anyone outwardly sharing anything other than far left political views are subject to intimidation, terroristic threats, and attacks both socially and physically. I’m out to prove that there are Trump supporters in Portland, and that they’re not alone! After overwhelming support on Twitter, I’ve decided to take a stroll through downtown Portland with a red Make America Great Again hoodie on, handing out Trump2020 fliers along the way. Hats are easy to snatch off someone’s head, a hoodie… not so much Let’s do this!

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