Mitt Romney Blasted on Social Media for Saying It’s “Very Likely” He’ll “Vote in Favor of Witnesses”

Democratic senators need 4 Republicans to join them in voting in favor of introducing new evidence, and Mitt Romney has invited backlash by saying he’ll likely be one of them.

“I think it’s very likely I’ll be in favor of witnesses” Romney said Saturday “but I haven’t made a decision finally yet and I won’t until both sides’ opening arguments are done.”

Trump supporters did not wait for Romney to make his final decision and began bashing the Utah Senator on Social Media.

On Facebook:

George Allen wrote

“thats no surprise. This guy is a RINO who wishes he could get elected with a D behind his name but he can’t in Utah”

Harry Sahoreih wrote:

“He is another john McCain, what is wrong with these people run on Republican platform and vote with the Democrats, they have no honor or loyalty, I hope the people in Utah wake up and vote in someone else. I voted for this man in the past, now I hate him for being traitor.”

Brian Bashaw wrote”

“Yea, and that was a hard one to figure out. Can’t imagine he could get re-elected if he were the only person on the ballot!”

Elizabeth Arbino wrote

“Utah, vote his a$$ out! He has wronged you!”

On Twitter Will Chamberlain wrote:

Name a more useless politician than Mitt Romney

Carpe Donktum wrote:

Mitt Romney is the Jar Jar Binks of Emperor Palpatines.

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