Mississippi Governor says “We’re not going to participate in a nation-wide lockdown” after Biden task force member floats idea

During a Facebook Lives session, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republicans said “We’re not going to participate in a nation-wide lockdown.”

Tuesday, Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of the Biden Coronavirus task force floated the idea.

Osterholm said “Really, to deal with the pain and suffering economically is what we basically proposed was because the savings rate in this country has gone out of the roof, since the pandemic.”

He added “We have gone from 8% to over 22%. We can borrow the money from ourselves at historically low interest rates. We can pay people to lose their job. We can pay small business. We can take care of city, state and county governments if we’re elected to do that. If Washington could get together and make that happen. That would be a very different kind of lockdown where people wouldn’t suffer, and we can get this virus under control.”

Reeves blated the suggestion from Osterholm that the idea of a nationwide lockdown would be “totally and completely beyond reasonableness” and instead said “that’s not the way the economy works.”