Minority Voter Explains Why He Went from Lifelong Dem to Trump Supporter

Quentin Foxworth, a minority who used to be a lifelong democrat explained in a powerful Facebook post why he left the party to join the Trump Train.

Foxworth also shared 2 photos with Don Jr.

Foxworth writes:

Hello EVERYBODY…I’m the new guy!! Voted Democrat my whole life because that’s the only thing that was allowed in my house growing up LOL..

After Obama’s first term my eyes started to shift and I started to actually research for MYSELF and pull the wool off my eyes…

Voted for Trump in 2016 and DAMN SURE will be again…

With every passing day the Left makes me stronger in my convictions and inspire me to open as many Black and Brown eyes as I can.

From Russia to the Impeachment dumbassness you can see they don’t give a DAMN about us or the country…it’s just a blind hatred and willingness to tear the President and any supporters down.

The attacks and insults from Democrats that I have received ESPECIALLY from my own people has blown me away…

I never knew using your OWN mind could make you Uncle Tom and a race traitor…Hell I can’t even get a date anymore LOL



The responses were overwhelmingly positive.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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