Minnesota residents suing city, arguing “defund the police” movement caused more violence

According to a new report from Fox News “a Minneapolis couple and their neighbors have filed a lawsuit against the city and its mayor, alleging that both parties have failed to keep residents safe amid a spike in crime over the past year.”

“The lawsuit was filed in August but stalled in the courts amid the high-profile case of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer whose killing of George Floyd, a Black man, set off nationwide protests against police misconduct and racial injustice,” the report explains.

Doug Seaton, who is representing petitioners said their view is “although we support certain reforms of the police, we are absolutely opposed to defunding the police and reducing their numbers”

“That’s the last thing this community needs and wants. And the violence that’s been occurring in these neighborhoods is a result of very detrimental policies espoused by certain city council members,” he added. “Those policies must be stopped, must be ended. And we hope our case is the beginning of the means of doing that.”