Milano shares comedian’s wild anti-Trump tweet storm in response to RNC

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano shared several anti-Trump tweets made by comedian Jim Gaffigan in his response to the RNC.

Jim Gaffigan is a popular comedian with several Netflix specials.

In his tweets, Gaffigan takes aim at both Trump and his supporters.

Gaffigan asks “How many women has he raped?” and blames Trump for running Paul Ryan out of politics. Gaffigan concludes “We need to call trump the con man and thief that he is.”

Here are the tweets from Gaffigan that Milano shared.

“F*ck Lou Holtz. Biden is Catholic in name only? Compared to who? How many abortions did trump pay for? How many women has he raped? How many times did pull the shit he did in Ukraine. Wake up. He’s a crook and a con man.

Please dont buy that socialist crap either. Obviously Obama wasn’t a socialist. This is all lies to scare you and you know it. Biden is not radical. Are you serious?

Remember everything Trump accuses the Democrats of he’s guilt of. Dont let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law.

Trump literally ran Paul Ryan out of politics. Why? Paul Ryan knew Trump was poison. So does Romney. Trump is not a conservative or even a Republican. You know that. You know Barr is dirty. You know if Trump gets re-elected it’s over. How many books have to be written?

I dont give a f*ck if anyone thinks this is virtue signaling or whatever. We need to wake up. We need to call trump the con man and thief that he is.”


Gaffigan also writes in a tweet not shared by Milano “to those of you who think Im destroying my career wake up. if trump gets elected, the economy will never come back.”