Mike Garcia Declares Victory in Nail Biter California House Race, Dem Christy Smith declines to concede

Republican Mike Garcia has declared victory in the race for the 25th District in California despite the news media having yet to make a call.

Garcia said in a press release “After a long, tough fight, I am proud to earn the privilege of serving CA-25 for another two years.”

He added “With only a few remaining ballots to be counted, victory is clear.”

Garcia’s Democrat opponent Christy Smith is declining to concede.

Smith said in a statement “with a mere 400 vote margin and thousands of ballots outstanding, election officials are diligently working to process ballots and accurately count all outstanding votes to ensure our communities are heard, and this race remains too close to call.”

She added “the Congressman’s decision is wholly inappropriate, and disrespectful of those who have taken the time to vote this year.”

The Prediction market of PredictIt strongly favors Garcia’s view that he will be the winner.