Mika responds to “pathetic” Trump calling her a “ditzy airhead” with heated rant

Early Thursday morning, President Trump blasted Mike Brzezinski in a scathing tweet.

Trump wrote “Very poor morning TV ratings for MSDNC’s Morning Joe, headed by a complete Psycho named Joe Scarborough and his ditzy airhead wife, Mika, and also @CNN, headed by complete unknowns.”

He then added “Congratulations to @foxandfriends on dominating the mornings (thank you President Trump!).”

Mika responded to Trump’s insulting tweet live on air.

She said Trump has “a lot of problems with women” and suggested he’s “scared of them or something.”

After accusing Trump of running away “like a little baby” when confronted by female reporters, Mika asked “I wonder what ditzy means?”

She continued “Because if I’m ditzy, you’re disastrous. This has been a disaster. 167k people are dead, Donald Trump. Stop tweeting about Morning Joe and Morning Mika and do your damn job. Try once to think about getting some testing to the American people.”

Mika added “Try once to listen to your scientists. Try once to be a man that actually wants to lead this country and not a man who’s scared of women and likes to call them names and scurries off the stage if they ask a question. Pathetic. You really should stop watching and get over your problem with women.”