Mick Mulvaney Attacked on Twitter for Wearing Patriotic “Stars and Stripes” Shirt

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney caused a stir on social media for simply wearing a patriotic “stars and stripes” themed shirt.

Tom Brenner was the first to tweet the photo.

Anti-Trump social media users were quick to attack Mulvaney’s outfit.

Paul Quinn wrote:

“This is what disrespectful white trash Americans look like. He thinks that this offensive shirt “owns the Libs”. It doesn’t. It’s actually disrespecting the flag that our brave soldiers fight under, & violates Section 8 of the US Uniform Flag Code. Mulvaney couldn’t care less”


Mike Beauvais wrote:

Mick Mulvaney looks like he’s starring in a Disney+ movie about a 10-year-old who accidentally becomes president.

Chris Regan wrote:

Assistant US gymnastic coach returning with the Bronze.

Murray B wrote “Little Mick Mulvaney is wearing a “Space Force” hat. 😆
what a tool.”

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