Michigan village president under fire after “laughing” at news of Limbaugh’s death

A Michigan village president is under fire after “laughing” on social media at the news of conservative icon Rush Limbaugh’s death.

Per WOOD “Village of Middleville President Amanda Fisk shared an article about Limbaugh’s passing on her personal Facebook page Wednesday, writing, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.””

She has since deleted the post but not before enraging many.

Middleville resident Lisa Forcia said “It’s just disheartening that a human can actually say that and be excited about the death of another human.”

“Personally, I’m not a fan of Rush Limbaugh,” Keara Hilton said. “I don’t listen to him and what I have read and heard, he’s not someone that I would support.”

According to Fox 17, Amanda fisk said “her words are in no way affiliated with staff or the village itself.”

She added “I’m not a public figure of the township.”

Amanda Pullen, whose father, Charles Pullen, was in the role Fisk is in now told Fox17 “honestly, that’s not the way you represent a community.”

“I mean, you’re in the public eye no matter what,” she added.