Michigan Senate approves petition that repeals Whitmer’s emergency powers

With a 20-15 vote, the Michigan Senate has approved a petition that repeals Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers.

This came after the Board of State Canvassers certified a petition started by a group called “Unlock Michigan” that gathered over 340k signatures.

Unlock Michigan spokesperson Fred Wszolek said “It’s been a very long road, — we had a pandemic somewhere in the middle there — and now we’re going to get this done in the Legislature in the next couple weeks.”

“This initiative represents a people’s veto of this governor and the unlimited power that she’s tried to claim during this pandemic,” Republican State Senator Tom Barrett declared.

In contrast Democrat State Senator Rosemary Bayer said “this is about our ability to react to pandemics and disasters in the future. It will handcuff our future leaders, duly elected by the people of Michigan, who must act quickly in times of crisis and do so responsibly and decisively.”