Michigan Oversight Committees launch investigation, subpoena election equipment and communications

According to a new report from Fox News “Michigan’s legislation bodies granted the state’s Senate and House Oversight Committees subpoena powers Tuesday, in order to allow the elected state officials greater range to investigate allegations of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.”

Republican State House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall said Tuesday “I’ve maintained that it is vitally important as we go forward in Michigan to ensure our election procedures are transparent, efficient and trustworthy when people go to the polls.”

He added “This stance isn’t a partisan one. It’s something we all should strive for.”

The resolution passed allows subpoenas to be issued to the Livonia city clerk, and Detroit City Clerk for “information and communications” relating to the November election.

Hall said “surveillance footage, hard drives and other storage materials such as USB drives can deliver us additional information that will help us see how these elections functioned and where they can operate more efficiently.”

He added “This information can help complete our picture as we work to provide people throughout our state with clarity and answers they deserve – so they can have an elections system that they trust going forward.”