Michigan lawmaker sues Whitmer, fellow Dems over censure after she met with Trump

Karen Whitsett, a Democrat State Rep from Detroit who thanked and praised resident Trump after she recovered coronavirus is suing Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and fellow Democrat lawmakers over being censured after her meeting with Trump.

Per Newsweek, Whitsett was perceived as siding with Republicans after thanking Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for publicizing the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of coronavirus. Representative Whitsett credited the drug with saving her life in March.

Whitsett revealed the legal action during a Thursday meeting between Trump and African American and faith leaders. “I actually filed a lawsuit to the governor today as well,” Whitsett told Trump.

“Thank you very much,” President Trump responded. “Great job.”

According to Mlive, specifically, Whitsett claimed Whitmer and the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization sought to deprive her of her right to engage in protected speech after she publicly thanked President Donald Trump for his suggestion of using the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat her coronavirus case.

Whitsett contracted the virus in March and has been open about her appreciation for the president’s suggestion, which she says saved her life. While it remains unproven that hydroxychloroquine can effectively treat COVID-19, it is used to prevent malaria and to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and complications of Lyme disease. Whitsett suffers from Lyme disease, and was aware hydroxychloroquine can be used to treat that disease, but didn’t know until the president mentioned it that it was being testing for use against COVID-19.

As a result, Whitsett was invited to The White House to meet with Trump on April 14. During that meeting, she again thanked Trump for the suggestion and said her condition went “from 0 to 100” after she began taking the drug.

Following that meeting, Whitsett began receiving criticism for her public statements and was eventually censured by the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization. The organization took exception to her comments on the drug and the outbreak, saying they painted a picture that isn’t true and spreads misinformation.

Chris McClain, a precinct delegate for the organization who wrote the censure resolution, explained the decision to MLive last month, prior to censure vote.

“Her individual circumstance does not apply to everyone,” McClain said. “She misrepresented a lot of the priorities and needs here of the community when she went to go meet with the president.”

McClain, who is not named in the lawsuit went on to say: “Our leaders have a platform and they shouldn’t use that platform to spread misinformation or play with the health and safety of the people that live here.”

More than 10,000 Detroiters have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the lawsuit, Whitsett says she also received a text message from Whitmer on April 19 regarding the meeting with Trump.

“You’re entitled to your opinion, I’m just disappointed you’d take your theories public without seeking to get answers first. Take care,” Whitmer is accused of saying via text.

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