Michigan House Declines to Extend Whitmer State of Emergency, Votes to Sue Her Instead

The Republican led house of Michigan has declined to extend governor Gretchen Whitmer’s State of Emergency and instead voted to sue her.

ABC12 News reports Michigan lawmakers did not approve a State of Emergency for the coronavirus pandemic and instead authorized a lawsuit challenging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s authority.

Whitmer asked the Legislature to approve a 28-day extension of the emergency declaration, which expires Thursday night.

Instead, legislators voted on a package of bills Thursday that would change how the state responds to the coronavirus pandemic. They also voted to approve the lawsuit against Whitmer.

Members of the Republican-led House passed bills that would replace a series of orders issued by Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer with state laws passed through the normal democratic process, according to Speaker Lee Chatfield.

He said Republicans support decisive action to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but Whitmer’s “unchecked and undemocratic approach” is not the best way.

“The current status quo relies on one-size-fits-all edicts that unfairly punish millions of people across the state without giving them any recourse or voice in the process,” Chatfield said. “The people deserve a better solution, and we can provide it.”

Per Fox2 Detroit the Butzel Long law firm filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for five clients regarding the limits of a state’s police power.

“A declaratory and injunctive relief” is sought in violation of the constitutional rights of the businesses. The plaintiffs demand a trial by jury, according to a release.

“The lawsuit cites speculative modeling on the infectiousness and lethality of a new coronavirus, Governor Whitmer has issued executive orders that have shuttered civil society, placed 10 million people under house arrest and taken jobs away from nearly 1.2 million people, all without due process of law,” the release said. “The Governor has not disclosed the data or methodology used to create the modeling that purportedly justifies this extreme action.”

The five businesses named in the lawsuit are:

  • Signature Southeby’s International Realty, Inc., a full-service residential brokerage in Birmingham.
  • Executive Property Maintenance, Inc. in Canton which provides commercial, municipal, and residential clients lawns, snow and ice maintenance; fertilization; property maintenance; planting; softscape; hardscape; design and build; irrigation; and water feature services.
  • Intraco Corporation, Inc. in Troy is a diversified exporter of architectural and automotive glass, automotive chemicals, and other goods.
  • Casite Intraco, LLC in Troy distributes engine oil, fuel additives, and other after-market products for automobiles.
  • Bahash & Company, LLC doing business as Hillsdale Jewelers is a storefront retailer of jewelry and offers jewelry-repair services in Hillsdale.