Michigan AG says “petulant child” Trump is no longer welcome in Michigan for not wearing a mask

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel accused President Donald Trump of setting a bad example by not wearing a mask during his visit to a Michigan Ford Plant.

Trump, who says he wore a mask on some parts of the visit, was never seen in front of cameras wearing one.


DailyCaller reports Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said she is following through on a threat to keep President Donald Trump out of her state after he did not wear a face mask for part of a tour at a Michigan car plant.

The president is no longer welcome in Michigan, Nessel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday after saying earlier in the day on CNN that Trump would be asked “not to return” if he did not follow the state’s guidelines. Not following the guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing cannot be tolerated, she added.

“This morning, you said right here on CNN that if President Trump doesn’t wear a mask, he’ll be asked not to return to any undisclosed facilities in your state. Is the president no longer welcome in Michigan?” Blitzer asked.

Nessel responded: “Speaking on behalf of my department and my office, that’s right — that’s exactly right.”

“Today’s events were extremely disappointing and yet totally predictable,” Nessel said, referring to the president’s decision not to wear a mask in public while touring a Ford plant Thursday in Michigan. “The president is like a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules. This is no joke.”