Michelle Obama Announces Her “Voting Squad” of Millionaire Actors, Singers, Sport Stars

Michelle Obama made waves when she announced her “Voting Squad” consisting of millionaire actors, singers, and sport stars.

The former first lady also released a video introducing some of her members.

Most cheered on Michelle Obama.


However, not everyone was impressed with the news.

Jackie Lelsz wrote

Hollywood where most gave money to Obama not from Americans who work hard for their money. Don’t own or ride in private jets, private yachts, or island hopping. Jet skiing in the Caribbean

Another Twitter user replied to “voting squad” member Tom Hanks and wrote

“I was always a neutral party. Agreed and disagreed with both left & right views! But the poor behaviors, racial bias & double standards these passed 4 years gave me a violent shove to the right! #Trump2020”


This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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