Michael Moore “take this virus, as earth’s slap in our collective face”

During his Tuesday podcast, activist filmmaker Michael Moore characterized the coronavirus pandemic as revenge on the part of mother nature, saying “Take this moment, take this virus, as earth’s slap in our collective face.”

Moore also claimed nature is “trying to tell our species to back off, slow down, and change your ways.”

Introducing his podcast, Moore tweeted: On today’s Rumble podcast I lay it all out—my radical environmental manifesto: We are in a planetary emergency and no amount of collaborating with the enemy – capitalism/profit motive/greed – will save us. We need a new way, new leadership. Time to fight.

Per Breitbart, Michael Moore warned that Earth has the power to wipe out mankind in a way that will surpass the current global crisis.

“You do understand that this planet can remove all of us with the snap of its fingers,” Moore said. “If you think COVID-19 has been a bummer, trust me, you literally can’t imagine just how awful Earth’s revenge will be against us for trying to choke it to f*cking death.”

Moore added that humans lie at the root of the problem.

“We are in a serious multi-level planetary emergency and that emergency involves climate. water, food, top soil, over consumption, species that have gone missing, our ocean life — what’s left of it — and humans. Mostly humans. And our human, non-sensical, greed-induced behavior and systems,” he said.

Moore said that the environmental movement has failed to produce meaningful results.

“We are very grateful to our environmental leaders for years of brilliant research,” he said. “Except, it hasn’t worked. We are worse off since the first Earth Day 50 years ago. Not better off, worse off. I don’t even need to tell you that. You already know.”

“We can no longer solar panel and windmill our way out of this disaster,” he added.

Moore’s disenchantment with the environmental movement arose last month while promoting the new documentary Planet of the Humans, which highlights the failures of the mainstream environmentalists while also assigning blame to corporate interests as well as solar and wind energy companies and electric car manufacturers.

“All the things we set out to do… you and I both know we have not done that,” Moore said.

The filmmaker noted that 90 percent of large fish in the wild, like halibut, are now gone. “We ate them,” he said.

He added many mammals in the wild have also disappeared. “We eat them too.”