Michael Moore Sends Ayatollah of Iran “Personal Appeal” to “Fix This Peacefully”

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore revealed via Twitter he has sent a “personal appeal” to the Ayatollah of Iran asking him to not respond to the assassination of general Soleimani and instead give him a chance to “fix this peacefully.”

Moore tweeted:

I have just sent the Ayatollah of Iran a personal appeal asking him not to respond to our assassination of his top General with violence of any kind, but rather let me & millions of Americans fix this peacefully.

Moore linked his podcast where he pleaded to Khamenei to wait until the 2020 election to respond.

“I am asking you to try what Martin Luther King and Gandhi said requires the most amount of courage which is to respond with non-violence. I am asking you to leave this up to me, give me all of 10 months and I and millions of Americans will remove Trump from the White House.”

Moore was not the only Hollywood activist to directly appeal to Iran.

After the Soleimani strike, actress Rose McGowan pleaded to Iran “please do not kill us.”

One Twitter user responded to Moore:

On your knees for the leader of a country that chants ‘Death to America’ on a daily basis … this is pathetic, Michael.


Another wrote snarkily:

I’m sure @MMFlint that the Ayatollah will shortly respond. If he ends up inviting you to visit him in Iran, please consider taking @Kaepernick7 and @rosemcgowan with you. Please wear a Star of David and carry an (LGBTQ) flag to ingratiate yourselves with the Ayatollah and his posse.

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