Republican on Texas State GOP Executive Committee Endorses Democrat over his GOP opponent

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch, a Texas Republican who was elected in July by convention delegates to serve as the committeewoman for Senate District 19 is drawing sharp criticism for endorsing Democrat State Rep. Ryan Guillen for House District 31 instead of Marian Knowlton.

Arredondo-Lynch replaced Knowlton to obtain her current role and is now endorsing her opponent even though he’s a Democrat.

In a Facebook post, Arredondo-Lynch wrote “Ryan Guillen fits the Demograghics [sic] for this area. He speaks, writes and understands the language.”

She continues “I went to school with his mother, with Ryan Guillen’s mom. Our roots go way, way beyond just now that I’ve endorsed him.”

“As far as the other SREC members: If they were wise, they should look at what’s good for their district,” she added “They don’t know what’s good for their district. I do. And I don’t think I should be penalized or scrutinized because I endorsed a person who has the letter ‘D.’”

Responding to a comment from a disappointed Jennifer Long Moulton, Arredondo-Lynch wrote “did you read what I wrote…he is more conservative than so.e Republicans. How come I’ve never seen you involved anywhere. So its ok for Democrats to cross over, but a Republican who runs as a Democrat because there was no party in the County is wrong? Tell me what you know what am I missing here. Like said, lady if you are a lady. I don’t walk lock, stock and Barrel with anyone especially when it comes to party Rinos. Do you pick your Doctors according to their party affiliation?”

Jennifer Moulton fired back “but you are an SREC…you definitely shouldn’t be endorsing Democrats. And insult me all you want. I am a precinct chair, and would keep my mouth SHUT over endorsing Democrats. Maybe the SREC isn’t the best place for you.”

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West also blasted Arredondo-Lynch for the move.

West said “I find it unconscionable, and irresponsible, that a member of our Texas State Republican Executive Committee would publicly endorse a Democrat candidate for our Texas State House at a time when we fight to retain and possibly expand our Republican Majority.”

“This action, which I condemn, is in violation of our SREC Bylaws and will be adjudicated accordingly,” he added in an email to SREC members.

West tweeted Monday “No one in Texas should vote Democrat. It is the party of open borders, decriminalizing illegal border crossing, sanctuary cities for illegals, abolishing ICE, which allows criminal illegal immigrants, along w/human&sex trafficking, to operate freely.”