Melissa Rolfe, Garrett Rolfe’s Stepmother, Fired From Job

Heavy reports Melissa Rolfe, the stepmother of former Atlanta, Georgia, Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, was fired from her job at Equity Prime Mortgage LLC.

The termination has sparked outrage on social media, where some people claimed that Melissa Rolfe was fired because of her association with the former officer, who was criminally charged in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks. One Twitter user wrote in response: “Do NOT use @equity_prime or do ANY business with this HORRIBLE Company.”

However, in a statement, the company denied that claim and indicated that Melissa Rolfe’s views had created a hostile work environment. Equity did not specify what those views were. Here is the company’s statement, which it released late in the evening on June 18:

As an employer, it is imperative to maintain a safe environment for all employees. Melissa Rolfe’s termination was a direct result of her actions in the workplace and violation of company policy. While working with Melissa as she transitioned to a leave of absence granted by our organization, we discovered she violated company policy and created an uncomfortable working environment for many of our employees. As an HR director, she ultimately lost the confidence of her peers, leadership, and many employees who no longer felt comfortable engaging with her. We value diversity of thought and respect Melissa’s personal views and the views of all employees; however, when those views create a hostile working environment, we must make difficult decisions to part ways.

The company also tweeted, “EPM is dedicated to being an organization that strives for diversity and equality. We are guided by the 23 fundamentals of the EPM Way to be an advocate for financial empowerment in the communities we serve.”

Here’s the segment where Tucker Carlson revealed the stepmother of the ex-Atlanta officer’s firing: