Melissa Francis predicts “Trump will win,” upsets Biden supporters who fire back

Sunday morning, Fox Business host Melissa Francis predicted President Trump will win.

Francis wrote “Trump will win. . I’m not advocating, I’m telling you to mentally prepare.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she added.

Several Biden supporters were not fans of the prediction and fired back.

Jaime Ross replied “I sincerely hope that is NOT true. He is disgusting and truly disgraceful. Time for him to be out of office and arrested.”

Another Twitter user replied “There is no way Trump can win. The country is angry right now”

Another wrote “I’m really worried about you at Fox. I just hope you’re preparing. This isn’t going to even be close. You see those long lines of people waiting to vote? Those are Biden voters. They’re wearing masks, they are distancing, and they aren’t holding Q signs”

Michelle B. fired back “Republicans also vote early, wear masks and don’t bring political signs to voting places. We also tend to not answer polling calls or talk about politics incessantly. We’re QUIET and MANY.”

Almost all polling currently points to a Biden victory. However, there are still just over 2 weeks to go before election day and it’s worth noting polling pointed to a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016.